MTW Program

29th March 2019 – Friday

Milonga 1                         Time ; 8pm – 1 am , DJ Pat Petronio  (Adelaide)                                                  Light supper will be served around 10.30pm

30th March 2019 – Saturday

Milonga 2                        Time: 1 – 5pm, DJ Elena Gonzales ( Melbourne)

Milonga 3                        Time:  8pm – 1am , DJ Alex ( Sydney)                                                                   Light supper will be served around 10.30pm

31st March 2019 – Sunday

Workshop                        Argentinean Folklore   Time: 12 noon – 1pm, lead by Fabio Robles (Melbourne)

Milonguita                      Time: 1 – 4pm, DJ Jarny Choi (Melbourne)

Milonga 4                        Time: 6 – 10pm , DJ  Leonel ( Melbourne)                                                              Light supper will be served around 8pm


Meet our DJs

Pat Petronio DJ Pat

Patricia has been DJing since about 2000, starting in the very early days of tango in Adelaide. She quickly developed a love of traditional tango music – “There’s so much fantastic Golden Age tango music to lure you onto the dance-floor! Tango DJ heroes are Dany Borelli, Carlos Rey, Viví La Falce, Mario Orlando and Erwin Quispe Zapata in Buenos Aires. So much can be learned from them about the art of DJing.”

Her journey as a dancer of social tango began in 1999. When DJing, her choice of music is influenced by the mood of the milonga, the feeling of the music and her own preferences as a social dancer. A goal is to expose dancers to some of the very best of tango music. Over time she has become more intuitive as a DJ, selecting quality Golden Age music based on the feeling of each piece – always wanting to take dancers on a memorable journey. As well as playing well-known Golden Oldies (which are called that for good reason), she loves including the occasional less-known, but very danceable treasure, just to tickle your fancy.

Apart from arranging music at Comme il faut, her regular milonga in Adelaide (South Australia), Patricia has DJ’ed at Sydney Tango Festivals, Czech House and Sidewalk Tango (Melbourne), Festival City Tango (Adelaide), BASH (Bundanoon), NZ Tango Festival (Wellington) and regularly DJs at Tango in the Spring (Canberra). A huge part of the fun for her is catering for different groups – enjoying their responses to her Golden Age selections.


DJ Elena Gonzales

Inspired by the music played at the traditional milongas in Buenos Aires, Elena is a Dj who chooses her songs such that musicality, lyrics and poetry melt into a romantic dream with the scent of other times. Each tanda is part of a bigger journey that evolves over the night, visiting orchestras, feelings and flavours, sometimes funny, sometimes melancholic, always authentic. Elena, born in Patagonia, Argentina, is milonguera, tango teacher, singer and DJ by vocation. She was exposed to Tango music at an early age trough her grandfather’s tango collection. In 2003 she moved to Buenos Aires, where she spent nights dancing at the milongas and the days studying Argentinian Folk and Tango at IUNA (Instituto Universitario Nacional del Arte), and the “Universidad del Tango”. In 2008, she relocated to Lisbon (Portugal), where with her partner she was the founder of “TangoLABLisboa” with regular classes and a weekly Tango Practica. And it was also here where she made her first steps as a Tango DJ, skills that she developed further over the years. Elena has played as a DJ in several countries in Europe, in Argentina, in Japan, and in Australia (Melbourne) where she’s lived since 2016.

DJ Alex

An active contributor of music and pro bono work in the Sydney tango community, DJ Alex continuously dedicates himself to set a high standard to ensure dancers get the best tango has to offer. Commitment to the high quality sound and selection has gained him swift popularity. He also invests a lot of his time to explore rare undiscovered recordings that allow him to inject something unique and memorable. DJ Alex’s professional approach and natural awareness for the dancers ensure we are more than just in safe hands.


Jarny Choi

Jarny has been involved in the Melbourne tango scene for a long time. He used to teach classes and run practicas and milongas, as well as DJ at various events. These days he simply enjoys dancing socially and making a rare appearance as a DJ.

He likes the analogy that if a milonga is a restaurant, then the DJ is the chef. As a DJ, he wants to create an environment where the dancers feel a deep sense of connection to each other through the music. To achieve this, he selects tandas carefully so that each serves a purpose – from creating an energetic atmosphere to softening the mood with romantic pieces, or perhaps being transported to another time and world.


DJ Leonel

Leonel is an Argentine born Tango dancer who has had a long trajectory of Tango dancing, teaching and DJ-ing in Buenos Aires, Canada and Sydney. Prior to Melbourne becoming his ‘home’, Leonel studied Tango in Buenos Aries with a string of profound Tango dancers and Maestros, developing his traditional Tango style, and teaching at one of the most traditional Milongas in Buenos Aires, ‘La Confiteria Ideal’.

As a tango teacher and dancer he has good understanding what makes good tanda and is able to adjust his play list according to the ‘mood’ on the floor.