Melbourne Tango Weekend

Melbourne Tango Weekend now March 25th – 27th 2022


Our inaugural Melbourne Tango Weekend went off with a bang !!!

We had great and fun tango weekend, thanks to your support and for embracing this “new tango kid on the block”.

There was small and dedicated group who made this possible by donating their time and effort. I would like to acknowledge them here.

In no particular order:

Jean Sum – thank you for the table decorations and your attention to detail. Continuing input through out the planning stage with ideas and backed by research. Being on hand through out the weekend and stepping in when necessary. We are very happy she’s made Melbourne her home.

Niki Papapetrou – for sourcing our autumn leaves, making sure all tablecloths were in pristine condition every day. Not a small effort as it meant taking marked cloth home at the end of the day ( or rather early in the morning ), washing them and bringing them back fresh and ready for another day. Compiling info with suggestions for those visiting us from interstate or NZ. Also involved in planning and through out the whole weekend – it was great to work with her again.

Sandrea Llorence – for just arriving for the setup and assisting where ever needed over the full weekend, an unexpected pleasure and great help – thank you.

Zita van Zanten – doing lot of the initial work. Redesigning our logo, initiating our promo video and always being enthusiastic about the project. Although she is in BsAs and was not there, she left a beautiful footprint in this event.

Carmelo Michienzi – always ready to help. There for setup as well as at the end. Making sure the speakers we hired were returned the day after the event and for being one of our stars in the promo video.

Jim Hayter – coming on towards the end of planning MTW but as always helpful and taking initiative when and where it was needed – thank you.

Our promo video stars – Chrissie Zhou, Larisa Flowers, Zita van Zanten, Carmelo Michienzi  , Karl Flowers, Lawrence Townsend and Stephen Cuttriss- bandenoen

Our door Monitors – Jean Sum, Niki Papapetrou, Leela Peart, Patricia Bimboese, Salila O’Connor, Julie Thomas, Chrissie Zhou – thank you for donating some of your dancing time.

MTW Djs over the weekend – Pat Petronio, Elena Gonzales, Alex Nodleman, Jarny Choi & Leonel Colque – your music is what powered the weekend, thank you.

Fabio Robles – for taking our Argentinean Folklore workshop with gusto and enthusiasm – thank you.

And finally to all those who at the end of the event stepped in and helped us clear the hall in record time – even the hall staff were impressed – big thank you.

We have setup Gallery page on MTW website, if you wish to share any of your pics you can send them to this email :
We’ll publish them under that heading together with couple of videos from the event.


Here are some comments we received back

Thank you!! Was awesome experience, Sergio

It was an excellent weekend for me and everyone I talked to thank you. Abrazos Ian

Thank you so much for the wonderful tango weekend.
I felt so good energy and had a fun all the time, I am sure that all of us were enjoyed. Actually I was bit nervous at the first day because I am usually shy to meet new people though I have been Tangoing quite long years.
However, people were very friendly, I could dance a lot and could make new friends. ‘Kayoko from Sydney’

Hi Jerry and The Group, A very big thank you for a marvellous weekend of dancing and fun. Congratulations on a great success. Derek Harris.

Thanks for organising a wonderful event :). I really enjoyed the festival and dancing with the locals…