MTW Program for 27- 29 March 2020

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Registrations are now opened – don’t miss out 😉

27th March 2020 – FRIDAY


Milonga 1      Time: 8pm – 1am Welcome Milonga , DJ Jamie    Light supper will  provided around 10.30pm

28th March  2020 – SATURDAY


Milonga 2        Time 1 – 5pm Afternoon MilongaDJ Kiyo ( Kiyotoshi Ishikawa,Tokyo)

Milonga 3        Time 8pm – 1 am  Milonga de Rosa Roja,  DJ El Mafioso ( Anthony Miller)  Light supper will  provided around 10.30pm

29th March 2020 – SUNDAY


Milonga 4         Time: 12.30 – 4pm  Argentinean Folklore with Tango Mood, followed by milonguita with DJ Elena

Milonga 5         Time 6 – 10pm, Farewell Milonga , DJ Leonel , Light supper will  provided around 8 pm


More information on our DJs and outline of the Argentinean folklore segment has been added below. We look forward to tango filled and fun weekend !!

Our DJs


DJ Jamie – Jamie started his tango journey in Canberra in  2008, but really fell in love with tango and tango music during an extended stay in Buenos Aires over several years. It’s the music and character of the those downtown BsAs milongas which forms his “tango home”. He started DJing in Europe as a way of keeping his connection to Buenos Aires alive. Jamie is fascinated by the immense variety of golden age tango, how each orchestra has its own unique flavour and how each dancer has their own response to the music that we all know and love. As a DJ, his hope is that the dancers will be able to leave the milonga with something that they did not have when they entered the hall!  Organizer’s note – Jamie lived and DJ-ed in Melbourne for a short time during which he became one of favourite Melbourne DJs. It’ll be great to have him open this event.


DJ Kiyo – Debuted as a DJ in 2013, he selected and mixed tango music about 150 times in Tokyo, Fukuoka and Auckland. , Kiyo has been organising a milonga called Tu Cielo Canal Milonga in Toyosu, Tokyo  since 2015. Fell in love with Tango on the other side of the planet from Argentina, Kiyo  has listened to tango music for 10,000 + hours and aims to bring you dazzlingly beautiful tandas. Organiser’s note – we are very happy to welcome our first international DJ and look forward to dancing to his play list.



With a great knowledge and passion for tango, and collection of many rare and unavailable tracks, Anthony Miller (aka El Mafioso) offers an unforgettable evening for those who appreciate tango.
Anthony is a principal of Sydney tango school ‘Tango Spirit’ and the resident DJ at Tango Spirit’s Milongas in Sydney. Has been invited to DJ to many places and festivals around the world: Santiago, Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Buenos Aires, Ljubljana, Istanbul, Lviv. Vladivostok.
He also runs DJ Classes in Sydney and around the world (
“I loved Tango since I saw my parents dancing it. I am passionate about tango music – in fact I am almost obsessive about the music, and constantly on a never-ending mission for new music for dancers to enjoy.” Organizer’s note – Anthony is one of Australia’s most internationally travelled DJs, we are thrilled to have him and look forward to dancing to his selection.


DJ Elena – Inspired by the music played at the traditional milongas in Buenos Aires, Elena is a Dj who chooses her songs such that musicality, lyrics and poetry melt into a romantic dream with the scent of other times. Each tanda is part of a bigger journey that evolves over the night, visiting orchestras, feelings and flavours, sometimes funny, sometimes melancholic, always authentic. Elena, born in Patagonia, Argentina, is milonguera, tango teacher, singer and Dj by vocation. She was exposed to Tango music at an early age trough her grandfather’s tango collection. In 2003 she moved to Buenos Aires, where she spent the nights dancing at the milongas and the days studying Argentinian Folk and Tango at IUNA (Instituto Universitario Nacional del Arte), and the “Universidad del Tango”. In 2008, she relocates to Lisbon (Portugal), where with her partner she founded the “TangoLABLisboa” with regular classes and a weekly Tango Practica. It was here where she made her first steps as a Tango Dj, skills that she develops further over the years. Elena has played as a DJ in several countries in Europe, in Argentina, in Japan, and in Australia. Melbourne is currently her home city. Organizer’s note – Elena G is one of our top DJs in Melbourne


Tango Mood (Milongas Candombe, Tango and Chacareras)

Conscious of the roots of tango music, echoing the sad melodies of the European immigrant  and the furious rhythms of the Indigenous and African slave populations of late 18th century Argentina, this trio was born to build cultural bridges between urban sophistication and tribal power, between the unresolved past and the unknown future, between South America and Australia. With a repertoire of chacareras, tangos, valses and milongas candombe interpreted on guitar (Juan Veron de Astrada), voice (Elena Gonzalez), and accompanied by the melancholic sound of the chromatic harmonica (Chis Maunders), Tango Mood Trio enchants its audience with a powerful performance loaded with music, stories, rhythms, and emotions from Argentina and the Rio de la Plata.
And to keep everyone at the dance floor we have invited for this special ocasion to “Rimbombe – Momo’s Groove”, they bring their Uruguayan tambores to accompany us in our milonga tanda!!!

Elena Gonzalez was born in Patagonia. Fascinated by the mystique of tango, she studied tango dance at UNA (National University of Arts) in Buenos Aires. In 2008 she moves to Europe where she works as a tango teacher. After some years, singing become her artistic focus and passion. Performing in Argentina, Europe and Japan with diverse artists, including Andreas Tordai, Fabian Neprias, Naoko Aoki and the Berlin Tango Community Orchestra. Since 2016, she is based in Melbourne, leading projects as “EntreTango” Duo , and “Pio Pio Pio” Latin Folk music for Kids.
Juan Manuel Veron de Astrada was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina within a musical environment surrounded by Tango and Folklore. His Artistic training comes from the Superior Conservatory of Music Manuel de Falla. Conservatorio de Musica popular E.M.P.A. And Musical Nomenclature courses of the Musicians Association S.A.D.A.I.C. Juan also traveled through South America, strengthening and expanding his repertoire with popular Latin American music. Currently based in Melbourne he is a vocalist in La Busca Sextet and The Melbourne Tango Orchestra. Composer and arranger in Supay Trio and Bien Pulenta Trio.
Organizer’s Note – this forms the core of the Tango Mood which will take us through some Argentinean Folklore – looking forward to this.


DJ LeonelI am a native Argentinean. I was living and teaching tango in Montreal, Canada until 2012. Prior to this, I had been teaching in one of the most traditional milongas of Buenos Aires: La Confiteria Ideal. I developed my style based on traditional tango dancers. I studied in Buenos Aires with many great dancers including Marta Anton and Manolo, Nito and Elba, Monica and Nestor Castillo, Julio Balmaceda and Corina de la Rosa, Rosa and Carlos Perez, Francisco Forquera and Carolina Bonaventura, Gabriel Misse, Alejandra Mantiñan, Milena Plebs, Graciela Gonzalez, Fernando Galera, Horacio Godoy, Demian Garcia and Martin Ojeda just to mention a few. In 2012 Leonel moved first to Sydney and now continues teaching  and living in Melbourne. He has a large collection of tango music and is one of our best tango DJs. Organizers Note  – those of you who joined us in MTW in 2019 will remember the amazing energy and fun he bought to our closing milonga – we look forward to some more of this!!