Our DJs for MTW 2024

Friday Night, 15th March – Opening Night Milonga de Flores

DJ Jamie 

Jamie started his tango journey in Canberra in 2008 but fell in love with tango and music during an extended stay in Buenos Aires over several years. The music and character of those downtown BsAs milongas form his “tango home”. He started DJing in Europe to keep his connection to Buenos Aires alive. Jamie is fascinated by the immense variety of golden age tango, how each orchestra has its unique flavour and how each dancer responds to the music we all know and love. As a DJ, he hopes the dancers can leave the milonga with something they did not have when they entered the hall!

Saturday 16th March, Matinee Milonga Colorata


Marcela Ospina (Marce) is originally from Colombia. While growing up she developed her passion for Tango by listening to her father singing and playing the guitar. When Marcela was 17 she began studying Ballet, gymnastics and Tango. The combination of these three disciplines, as well as her bubbly Caribbean background, has contributed to her unique style. Since then, she has studied the followers’ technique in depth and perfected her own Tango embellishments and poetic rhythm. Her teaching philosophy consists of developing confidence in the social dancer to express their identity while incorporating specific movements in their own body based on their abilities and conditions.

Her participation in different festivals, championships and performances in Colombia, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and Germany, has enriched her dancing and teaching skills.

She currently lives in Melbourne and is a talented figure in the Tango community. She is passionate about contemporary dance and is also interested in exploring the change of roles in the dance and the many social values that can be incorporated into tango from this practice. She also runs Followers’ Tango Technique workshops throughout the year and is regularly invited as a guest teacher and DJ by different dance schools in Melbourne and other cities.


Saturday 16th March, Gala Milonga Moulen Rouge


JAKARTA INDONESIA, born and raised on the Island of The Gods, Bali, started his career in Argentinean Tango at the end of 2008. Two years later, he moved to the capital city of Indonesia – Jakarta, to deepen his knowledge of Tango. Since then, he has travelled numerously to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to immerse himself in Argentinean Tango.

Since then, Fuchong has actively participated in many festivals in Asia as a participant, guest DJ and International guest performer.

About 11 years ago, he ventured into setting up his own Milonga in Jakarta, where he is the Host and DJ. With the flag of PACIENCIA MILONGA INDONESIA, he has helped grow the Jakarta Tango community significantly. He is also a respectable and popular Tango teacher; he teaches and holds Workshops in several cities in Indonesia.

Shortened Biografi :
•Oct 2015 DJ at Singapore International Tango Festival
•Oct 2015 International Dancer El Bulin Tango Weekend Seoul Korea
•Dec 2015 DJ at Saigon Tango Festival
•June 2016 DJ at Bali Tango Marathon
•July 2016 DJ at Seoul Tango Marathon
•May 2017 DJ at Tango Amor Fest Hongkong
•April 2018 Thailand Tango Festival
•August 2018 International Dancer Seoul Weekend Festival
•Nov 2018 Saigon Tango Festival
•March 2019 Danang Tango Marathon
•August 2022 Indonesia Championship Preliminary Bali
•December 2023 Tango Weekend Fest Kuala Lumpur

Mendoza Quartet

The Mendoza Tango Quartet has quickly gained a reputation as one of Australia’s
leading tango exponents. The group is made up of four fiery Australian-based
musicians specialising in the performance of traditional Argentinian tango music.
Featuring the quintessential ferocity of the bandoneón and the velvet voice of Solange Lipcin (BuenosAires), the Mendoza Tango Quartet will take you on a journey through the elegant dancehalls to the underground tango clubs of Buenos Aires.
Delving deep into this rich tradition, the ensemble delivers a vibrant, bold performance without cliché. From the traditional dance music of the 1930s, the avant-garde of the 1970s and the theme of the 21st century, tango’s rich history is unravelled and brought to life.

Sunday, 17th March, Milonguita de Fiesta

DJ Michu

Born and raised in Argentina, Michu’s lifelong passion for Tango dancing traces its roots back to childhood. As a little girl, she grew up in the world of Tango thanks to her grandparents, who would frequently play and dance Tango music in their cozy living room.
The sultry and rhythmic tango melodies filled the air, creating a nostalgic and captivating ambience.

Her passion for tango continued to grow, leading her to frequent clubs in Buenos Aires.

With over a decade of getting involved in milongas porteñas,
it’s clear that her dedication to the Porteño flavour in tango music has deepened.

Transitioning to DJing in Melbourne reflects her desire to stay connected to the tango world and contribute to it in a new way. The ability to curate the music embodies Buenos Aires’ tango culture and a party flavour with eccentric cortinas.

Sunday, 17th March, Milonga de Despedida

DJ José

José grew up in Argentina listening to tango from his parent’s record player. He has been dancing tango for many years and DJing at milongas organised by himself and friends in Bariloche, Patagonia.

His love for tango is divided: he is a dancer and a musician. He likes to combine these aspects when he can – he established and directed a tango sextet in Argentina and played bandoneon with The Melbourne Tango Orchestra. He has travelled extensively to “Encuentro de tangueros” across Argentina to hear the new wave of contemporary tango orchestras reviving the live music tradition, and he loves to throw a few newer tandas in between all the classic orchestras. His personality as a DJ is energetic and, at times, dramatic, and he prefers music that is fun and rich in details. His ultimate goal is to provide an excellent night for all and to see smiles at the end of the embrace.

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